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Building Award-Winning Custom Homes in Penticton for Over 25 Years

Barnett Construction Ltd. stands as Penticton’s premier custom home builder. With over 25 years of experience in crafting award-winning homes in the Penticton, we specialize in bringing your unique vision to life. Our dedication to quality and precision in custom home building is unmatched, offering personalized solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Penticton Custom Homes Building Process

Your dream home starts with your choices. Our unique approach to custom home building involves an in-depth selection process after the initial consultation. By allocating more time at the design’s onset, we ensure a detailed and comprehensive budget estimate. Our clients are empowered to make informed decisions with our extensive 85-page selection system, available upon request.

At Barnett Construction Ltd., our sophisticated project management system meticulously oversees your project’s budget, schedule, construction process, and individual selections. This structured approach guarantees efficiency and precision in every aspect of your custom home construction, ensuring high quality craftsmanship.

Our clients receive daily updates and a photo log directly from the site about the build process, ensuring you are constantly informed of the progress. We believe this transparency and ongoing dialogue significantly reduce the stress typically associated with building a custom home with respect to the client’s vision. A project manager will be working closely with you to create your dream house.

Committed To Building Your Dream Home

Choosing Barnett Construction Ltd. means partnering with the best Custom Home Builders in Penticton. Our commitment extends beyond construction; we are here to support you at every stage of building your dream home.

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    Living in Penticton

    The Allure of Penticton

    Living in Penticton, you can enjoy a moderate climate, stunning scenery with both lakes and mountains, a relaxed lifestyle, and a strong sense of community. The city offers various outdoor activities, including water sports, hiking, and biking, as well as a growing arts and culture scene. Penticton’s vineyards and wineries contribute to a vibrant local economy, making it an appealing place for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

    Recreational and Cultural Haven

    In Penticton, you can explore local wineries and vineyards, relax on the sandy beaches of Okanagan Lake, or enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and biking along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail. Attend festivals, such as the Peach Festival, explore the vibrant farmers’ markets, or take a scenic drive through the Naramata Bench. Penticton also offers water sports, like paddleboarding and kayaking, making it a destination with a diverse range of recreational options.

    Festivals and Events

    Penticton hosts festivals throughout the year. The Peach Festival, usually in August, celebrates the region’s agricultural heritage with concerts, parades, and family-friendly activities. The Pentastic Jazz Festival, held in September, brings together jazz enthusiasts for performances across multiple venues. The Elvis Festival pays homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with tribute artists and events. Additionally, the Fest of Ale showcases craft beers and ciders. These festivals contribute to the vibrant cultural scene and community spirit in Penticton.

    Accessibility and Connectivity

    To reach Penticton, you can consider several transportation options. If traveling by air, Penticton Regional Airport (YYF) serves the city with domestic flights. Alternatively, you can drive to Penticton using major highways, such as Highway 97. Bus services and car rentals are available for transportation within the region. The scenic drive from nearby cities, like Kelowna or Vancouver, is also a popular option.

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