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Building Award-Winning Custom Homes in Okanagan for Over 25 Years

Barnett Construction Ltd. stands as Okanagan’s premier custom home builder. With over 25 years of experience in crafting award-winning homes in the Okanagan, British Columbia, we specialize in bringing your unique vision to life. Our dedication to quality and precision in custom home building is unmatched, offering personalized solutions tailored to your lifestyle.

Okanagan Custom Homes Building Process

Your dream home starts with your choices. Our unique approach to custom home building involves an in-depth selection process after the initial consultation. By allocating more time at the design’s onset, we ensure a detailed and comprehensive budget estimate. Our clients are empowered to make informed decisions with our extensive 85-page selection system, available upon request.

At Barnett Construction Ltd., our sophisticated project management system meticulously oversees your project’s budget, schedule, construction process, and individual selections. This structured approach guarantees efficiency and precision in every aspect of your custom home construction, ensuring high quality craftsmanship.

Our clients receive daily updates and a photo log directly from the site about the build process, ensuring you are constantly informed of the progress. We believe this transparency and ongoing dialogue significantly reduce the stress typically associated with building a custom house with respect to the client’s vision. A project manager will be working closely with you to create your dream house.

Committed To Building Your Dream Home

Choosing Barnett Construction Ltd. for custom homes or home renovations means partnering with the best Custom Home Builder in Okanagan. Our commitment extends beyond construction; we are here to support you at every stage of building your dream home. You can browse our previous house builds in Okanagan valley by going to the photo gallery.

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    Building your dream home in Okanagan

    The Beauty of Okanagan

    Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, Okanagan is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, from lush vineyards and orchards to the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake. Building custom homes here means being part of a region that offers both serene natural beauty and modern amenities, creating the perfect backdrop for your dream residence.

    A Lifestyle Like No Other

    Embrace a lifestyle that harmoniously blends outdoor adventures with luxury living. In Okanagan, every day is an opportunity to explore – from indulging in wine tours and water sports to enjoying hikes and a dynamic cultural scene, all just steps from your custom-built home.

    Festivals and Cultural Events in Okanagan

    Okanagan is alive with cultural vibrancy, hosting a range of events year-round that highlight its rich heritage and spirited community. From the renowned Okanagan Wine Festivals, celebrating the region’s acclaimed wine culture with tastings and vineyard tours, to the artistic showcases at the Kelowna Arts and Cultural Festival featuring local artists and performers, there’s a continuous celebration of arts and culture. The Okanagan Food and Wine Film Festival offers a fusion of culinary arts and film, while seasonal events like the Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival and winter markets add to the region’s charm. These festivals provide not just entertainment, but also a window into Okanagan’s diverse cultural fabric.

    Accessibility and Connectivity

    Okanagan is easily accessible and welcoming to visitors and future residents alike. The centrally located Kelowna International Airport provides a convenient entry point with numerous domestic and international flights. For those preferring a scenic journey, major highways like Highway 97 offer breathtaking drives through the valley. Additionally, efficient public bus services cater to those seeking sustainable travel options, making Okanagan a region that’s as easy to reach as it is beautiful.

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