/ April 25, 2022
The Effects Of Inflation Pt. 2

As we covered previously, rampant inflation can often drive cost overruns on custom home builds. During periods of inflation, hesitation in engaging in new builds is understandable. However, there are a multitude of options that, through the use of...

/ April 25, 2022
The Effects Of Inflation On The Building Industry

Every Canadian is currently feeling the effects of inflation. Whether it is increased fuel costs, increased food bills, or higher rent, inflation is an economic hazard felt by all. However, the effects of inflation are slightly more complex when...

/ April 25, 2022
Barnett Construction Home Featured In The Star Vancouver

The Toronto Star publication recently featured one of our homes. The article highlights the open concept design of the house and the unique wall formations. Architects Kim Smith and Bo Helliwell discuss the design and building choices in great...

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