So you’ve built your dream home – now what?

So you built your dream home, now what?Interior design is fraught with trends and clichés. How can you avoid the stylistic pitfalls of Avocado Appliances (hot again!) or the fussiness of bead board and chair rail? Using an interior designer can help. Though you do need to have some idea where you want to end up. Western Living Magazine Awards were dolled out last month and in the interior design category there were some great examples of truly exceptional designers. An interesting criteria for judging presented itself in the new "westerness" category. An ambiguous term to be sure but one that most of us on the Westcoast know when we see it. Design celebrity, Kelly Deck explains the concept beautifully in her recent editorial for The Vancouver Sun - and it's a scrumptious expose on the extremely talented, Alda Pereira who was short-listed for the Western Living magazine Awards in Interior Design. Read the Article on Westerness and Interior Design here. If you are ready to find the designer that will make your new home sing - here are some tips to get the process started. Get a notebook with interior pockets and start making notes on how you might like to live in this it an everyday room or will it be showcased for special dinner parties? Look through some of your favorite decorating magazines and cut out photos of rooms or specific pieces that suit your taste. Don't be afraid to include photos that seem to contrast each other.The likelihood is that an Interior Designer will be able to see your scope of interests and bring the best ideas together. While your ideas and aesthetic are important, a professional designer will utilize space, ensure you have proper storage areas and that your home flows and functions as it should. For a complete list of certified Interior Design professionals in BC check out the Interior Designers Institue of BC website
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