Foundation – The Strength That No One Ever Sees

Building a sturdy foundation | Barnett ConstructionWhen you give your plans over to a builder, did you know that much of the design work will be interpreted in the foundation stage, and will provide the base for your finished home. The foundation is where the stage is set, and it had better be set well. Your builder will have to decide on the final elevation, site location, grading and aspect of your home, and this is before your even move in the excavator to cut the ground. Many will believe that their plans have all the details required to make these decisions. However, in many designs the subtle variations of the terrain, and terrain materials are not sufficiently detailed to provide the final decisions. We have always believed, that good design is the paper version of our clients dreams, and that the design team are integral to our process. We also include geotechnical engineers, and structural engineers, as a standard practice in our home building process. We consider them cost effective insurance for our clients. So now what?
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